Special Interest Areas


There is more to Notacon than just presentations and workshops.  The conference space hosts numerous different areas dedicated to different interests.  Spaces are staffed by people knowledgeable in the field and most are open 24/7 throughout the event.   Grab a soda, Bawls or cup of coffee (as always, free of charge) and visit any of these areas during the event.  At Notacon and PixelJam, there’s always something to do!  Also make sure to read the Events, Games and Performances listings.

Hardware and Software Hacking Village

Sponsored by the Cleveland Makers’ Alliance and the Cleveland Game Developers group

Need to build and hack your badge?  Want to learn how to build a video game to submit to PixelJam?  The hardware and software hacking village is for you!

PixelJam Lounge

Don’t know what PixelJam is all about?  Check out the PixelJam site first to learn!

Whether you’re an old timer in the demoscene or a newbie, the PixelJam lounge is a great place to sit down, plug in and get some code done.  On Saturday evening it will play host to the PixelJam demoparty!

  • Huge, high definition projection screen and screaming high fidelity audio system
  • Decorations, lighting and constant streams of demos past and present courtesy of InspiredChaos
  • Plenty of space to charge your laptop, code and mingle with other sceners.

Dirty New Media Glitch/Artware Dungeon Environment

Sponsored by Critical Glitch / Artware

Situated inside of the PixelJam Lounge and adjacent to the “A Game, Any Game” workshop space, the Dirty New Media Glitch/Artware Dungeon Environment is a persistent space available to drop into and hangout in throughout NOTACON! This space will feature:
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Sponsored by Mike Substelny and creator Thom Robertson

Live the future today!  Artemis is an incredibly detailed, and incredibly fun, multi-player, multi-computer networked simulation based around a science fiction spaceship bridge.  Take the helm of your very own starship and learn how to create interactive adventures and stories with your friends during the Friday workshop.  After the workshop, stop on by and try out the simulator for yourself!  You can also buy your own copy to play with friends!

For more information, visit  their site: http://www.artemis.eochu.com/

Game Lounge

Sponsored by Eagle & Gryphon Games

Play your favorite board games or learn how to play new ones.  This year, Eagle & Gryphon Games will be bringing new games and instruction on how to play them.  The best part is, if you like it, you can buy it to take home and share with your friends.  Plenty of table space and chairs will be available to relax and challenge your fellow Notacon participants.

Click here for a list of games available for play

Locksport Village

Think the locks on your doors at home are secure?  You may think twice after you actually pick one!  Learn and practice locksport with other members of the Notacon community in a legal and ethical way utilizing specialized tools and everyday objects found in your home.  Practice locks, lockboards and tools are available for everyone to practice with.  Locks are available in varying difficulties and skill levels.

Amateur Radio

Learn about radio, the amateur community and talk with people around the world, with or without a computer!  Licensed amateurs are on hand to either play radio or teach those new to the hobby what it’s really all about.  Get on the air at Notacon!

Notacon Radio


Want to talk about your Notacon experience, or share stories with people around the world?  Our live, 24/7 streaming radio station is a great place to talk shop, discuss the issues of the day or simply talk with a table full of other Notacon participants while enjoying a beer.   So come on in and grab a microphone!

 Networking and NOC

Curious how the dedicated network admins at Notacon keep the conference network up and running?  Talk to the administrators and learn the extraordinary measures taken to provide a great con network!