Friday Edison I Edison II Clark (Workshops) PixelJam Lounge
10:00 Opening Ceremonies      
11:00 Game Maker: Crash Course
Chris Sanyk
I’m a Hacker…and I’m a QSA (Hacking PCI Requirement 6.6. Why Your Web Applications are Still Not Secure)
David Sopata, Gary McCully
  Hang out here to see awesome demos and other cool stuff.
13:00 Minute Man: All I Need is 60 Seconds
Rick Deacon
Neurohacking: from the bottom up
Interactive storytelling with Artemis SBS
Mark Substelny
14:00 Get your kicks on route IPv6
Mike Andrews
Code That Sounds Good: Music Theory and Algorithmic Composition
nicolle “rogueclown” neulist
15:00 We lit IPv6. This is what happened.
Jeff Goeke-Smith
Collaboration. You keep using that word…
Angela Harms
16:00 Civic Hacking
Jeff Schuler, Beth Sebian
Kinetic Security
Knuckles, Jeff “ghostnomad” Kirsch, Ghostnomadjr
17:00 Vulnerabilities of Control Systems in Drinking Water Utilities
John McNabb
Milkymist: video synthesizers at the cutting edge of open source hardware
Sébastien Bourdeauducq
18:00 Hacking for Freedom
Peter Fein
Development Operations: Take Back Your Infrastructure
Mark Stanislav
19:00 Building a Game for the Ages (well, the young ages anyway)
Bill Sempf
Exercise Your Mind and Body
Suellen Walker, Joe Walker
Open hours on the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
20:00 CyberPunk Screening (moved to PixelJam Lounge) Dirty New Media Glitch/Artware Dungeon Party
Evironment Party with guest DJs
DJ Interventions and
21:30     _node
22:45   Missle Command
Midnight Morgan Higby Flowers
01:15 Colorforms


Q&A Breakout IMMEDIATELY after each session!

Edison 1 in Stearns room. Edison 2 in Case room.


Saturday Edison I Edison II Clark (Workshops) PixelJam Lounge
10:00 Mo data? Mo problems!
Mick Douglas
How to Market the Morally Broken and Sociologically Depraved: A Guide to Selling Your Local Hacker Conference to the Public
Jaime Payne
Little Hackers Playdate
Total awesomeness.
11:00 What if Max Zoran Succeeded? Living without Silicon Valley
Geocaching 101
Jon Peer
12:00 How to totally suck at Information Security
Christopher Payne, Doug Nibbelink
It’s a Trap! Running A Con Network: An Exercise in Masochism.
Mark “nuintari” Doner
Think BIG: Analyzing big data
Daniel Washburn
13:00 (Just About) Everything you think you know about Wilderness Survival is Wrong
Mark Lenigan
1984 2012 Legal Privacy Trends
Nick Merker
14:00 Baking in Security
Jeff “ghostnomad” Kirsch
The Sword is Mightier than the Pen(test): an Introduction to Fencing
Brian Stone, Amy Clausen
15:00 Your Hacker Class is Bullsh1t
Christopher Payne
16:00 REFACTORING THE REVOLUTION (Occupy as an Agile project)
Some Guy On Bridge
Life At Layer Three
Mark “nuintari” Doner
17:00 Custom Distributions Via Package Aliasing: release of The Pentest Repository
Ryan Holeman
What Locksport Can Teach Us About Security
Bill Sempf
18:00 Numbers, From Merely Big to Unimaginable
Brian Makin
Octodad: Building a Better Tentacle Ragdoll
Devon Scott-Tunkin
PixelJam Prep
20:00 Whose Slide Is It Anyway?
nicolle “rogueclown” neulist
22:00   PixleJam Screenings


Sunday PixelJam Lounge
10:00 Play the games created during the “A Game, Any Game” Workshops!
11:00 The Making of Notacon
Noon Awards & Prizes